Bacon Roses

Bacon Roses via Irreverent Escapades

Hello my lovelies.  Hoping everyone had a wonderful or not excessively horrible Valentine’s Day!  We went out for drinks and dinner last night to a few of my favorite Williamsburg places: Burnside for drinks and Dumont for dinner, both of which were very sweet as always.

Wanting to contribute something to the festivities, I made breakfast and dessert.

Dessert will come in another post, but for breakfast I made low-carb cream cheese pancakes which were quite good and pancakey (I feared they might just taste like eggs – not so!), but distinctly non-photogenic as our super-slopey floor dictates that we never, ever have round pancakes.  But oblong or not, they did the trick with blackberries.

I also made Bacon Roses (I feel these are considerable and worthy of capitalization, yes?).  Funny, masculine, romantic V-Day breakfast treat, right?  That’s what I was going for.

Now, the internet has a lot to say about Bacon Roses.  This method is pieced together from a bunch (pun intended) of sources.  I didn’t get super fancy and put them on stems an make an actual bouquet (impressive).  I just went with the buds.

Basically, you just need a wire rack and your trusty bacon.

photo (16)

Now, you just roll it on up.  I’d recommend trying do this as loosely as possible so there’s air between the layers.

photo (17)

You want the less fatty edge to be the top of your bloom (a heck of a sentence if I do say so myself…).

Look at these cuties.

photo (18)

Now, near the base, insert two toothpicks giving your little guys a little stand.  A bacon tripod (quadrapod?) if you will.

photo (19)

On to wire rack over a baking sheet lined with foil and into the oven at 4oo° for 20-30 minutes.  I left mine in for the full 30 and would probably even leave them in even longer next time, but I like my bacon crispy within an inch of it’s life.

photo (20)

And voila, out they come, all that fat having dripped right off. Now they are surely a low fat food!

photo (24)

Tra laaaaaaaaa!  There you have it.  Bacon Roses to sit beside your pancakes.  As I live and breathe…

bacon endphoto (23).jpg

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